A Year In Review

It's hard to believe the number of clients that I was able to work with in the last year. It seems as though one project got the ball rolling and its been on a constant whirlwind ever since. This past year has brought clients from the cosmetic, fundraising, housing, and medical realms and it's been wonderful to see how they all are so different but so similar. Take a quick look below on how AprileGDesign has been working with others.



Not only has my website brought so many amazing clients my way, but word of mouth takes the cake! It really shows you how people can trust in your product and look forward to working with you. 



design projects executed

Having clients that are ready to execute their vision with my design expertise is so rewarding. When you see some of your work in business signage or building stellar social following, there's no better feeling! 




Building partnerships with two of my clients since the beginning of 2018 has been a pleasure and a productive learning experience. I am looking forward for next year's year in review to double! 

*Partnership Announcements soon to come!