The Lip Bar

A social media/graphic design internship. I worked to create a fun and bold graphic designs for social media and print. I was given the task of constructing social media posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and to design print advertisements for special events as well as design website banners for company promotions. "Don't sell a product, sell a lifestyle -The Lip Bar" 

I  started by selecting photographed imagery provided by The Lip Bar team. From there, I collaborated with the CEO/Founder, Melissa Butler, and Creative Director, Rosco Spears, to see what visions they had for The Lip Bar's social media presence in the months to come. We collectively executed some strong social media imagery that caught the consumers eye, brainstormed some dope 2014 IMATS event flyers and in the midst of it all came up with some eye-catching website banners as The Lip Bar revamped its website. 

The Lip Bar's social media/graphic design internship was a great three month opportunity. The Lip Bar experience allowed me to work with an amazing team of women, to learn what catches the consumers eye and how timing plays into everything with social media, but most of all I got the opportunity to network and grow with The Lip Bar team. 

Below I will be sharing with you a few of my designs from my Lip Bar experience. Cheers!